I Don ’t Consider Tiwa Savage a Friend – Yemi Alade


As their fierce rivalry continues in the entertainment industry , the 2016 best female singer in Africa, Yemi Alade , ha put Tiwa Savage on blast yet again .
Speaking in an exclusive interview with
Punch newspaper , the current best female artiste in Africa, Yemi Alade, fueled up the rivalry with her fellow songstress , Tiwa Savage .
Below are excerpts from the chat ;
I was born in Abia State. My late father , a Yoruba man , was a retired commissioner of police , while my mother is an Igbo – born businesswoman . I wasn’ t one of those kids that attended parties, because my father was a disciplinarian . However , growing up was fun for me .
I grew up listening to music because when I was a child , my father loved to listen to King Sunny Ade. I never wanted to become an artiste but I loved music . It was when I won the Peak Talent Show that I realised that I needed to make a career out of it. My mum was the first person to believe in me and she has always supported me . She often gave me money to buy clothes and prepare for shows .
Sexual harassment
Record label owners and show promoters are all guilty of this . Sexual harassment comes in different levels; some are intense , some are subtle , and some even come through third parties. However , I ’ ve never found myself in a situation that felt very uncomfortable . Once I see the signs, I run and the person would not even have the opportunity to go through with his evil plans. There are some people who I looked up to in the industry but surprisingly, they also wanted sex .
Memorable moments
Each day is another opportunity for me to be thankful. The great moments are so many , but I know that the numero uno is yet to come . That moment would be when I bring home a Grammy However , there are a lot of moments I cherish, and representing Africa at the Make the Future Campaign done in partnership with Shell is one of them . Superstars like Jenifer Hudson were on that campaign , and I was the only African .
Lowest point
That was the moment my dad died , and I wasn’ t there with him; it shook me a lot. I was on an European tour when it happened.
Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay and Chidinma
I don ’ t know why the media takes pleasure in pitting great women against one another . Have you ever seen any text message from any of us lambasting another person ? There ’ s no proof of these things ; it ’ s just in the imagination of people. I ’ ve never stopped working and I was already working before Tiwa Savage came to Nigeria. I am a fan of their music, and on my Snapchat page , I usually dance to their songs. I do not consider Tiwa Savage a friend because I don ’ t know her favourite colour or meal and other intimate things . She is just my colleague.
I take good wine , watch good movies, eat good food , and generally take life easy.
Other than being an entertainer , I have my personal life . If I ’ m going to be in a relationship with someone in the same profession with me , I ’ d have to be deeply in love with the person ’ s personality . If the personality suits me , why not? Personally , I think I ’ m a reserved and nice girl. I ’ m also a hopeless romantic; movies easily make me cry. The last movie that made me cry was a cartoon in which a little dinosaur lost his mum .

Source: Liveofofo.com

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