Who says you can’t be young, wild, free and in true love all at the same time? Many people spend a long, long time looking for true love. Others spend a large chunk of their lives, regretting that they let true love slip out of their grasp, and ended up […]

7 reasons why you’re lucky if you find true love ...

There are some things that women always like to keep it to themselves. Like men, women too have secrets. When asked something personal, a woman might end up lying. There are some topics rather things on which women always lie. These are simple things that every woman lies about. Be […]

 Common Things That Women Lie About 

Research says that marriage is good for an individual’s health because it has been found that married people live longer, enjoy a more satisfying sex life, have access to health care, experience less stress and have lower rates of heart disease, depression and diabetes compared with the single counterparts. The […]

Marriage Is Good For Your Health (See Facts)

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A lady identified as Precious who rendered help by accommodating a friend to her ex-boyfriend -in her house for two weeks in Kwara state, got more than she bargained for after being allegedly attacked and stabbed by the same man (Mandela Onyinyechukwu Bamas). According to a police officer, Edward Onoriode, […]

Lady Stabbed By Her Ex-boyfriend’s Friend Whom She Helped In ...

What a woman
It is trusted that a lady is a convoluted homo sapiens who has an impossible to miss nature that is difficult to decipher.Trying to comprehend a lady is harder than attempting to comprehend the universe however then it is basic for us as men to attempt our best in unwinding […]

What a Woman Really Wants from her man

Breasts sag
Arguably, the breast seems to be one part of a woman’s body that means different things to different people, and that could be the reason why women pay so much attention to it. Beyond the fact that it is the source of food for a newborn baby, men see it […]

Five Things That Make Women’s Breasts Sag Quickly

igbo lady marries a white man
Dian Chinyere Ibeh married her sweetheart Anthony Paul Doherty in Lekki Lagos this past Saturday the 15th of October 2016. The interracial wedding ceremony which held at Monarchi Event Centre off Osapa Bus stop got everyone talking on Saturday. See more photos from the traditional wedding ceremony and pre-wedding shoot […]

Igbo Lady Marries A White Man In Lekki Lagos (Photos)

Fuckboys need not apply. For the most part, I’d agree with that whole “age is just a number” saying … except where dating is involved. And particularly if you’re dating a girl in her late twenties. In fact, if you’re used to dating fresher meat, you’re probably in for a […]

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hilda dokubo
Hilda Dokubo, actress who sometimes shares relationship tips bares her thoughts on marriage and infidelity. When asked if catching the man cheating was reason enough to walk out of the marriage; “You know I’m a Christian, I’m born again, and I’m a minister so no ground is good enough. The […]

“Cheating Is Not Enough Reason To Walk Out Of Your ...

romance scam
A Nigerian man and his Thai wife were arrested by police for allegedly swindling marriage-seeking Thai women out of a total of 20 million baht via an internet romance scam. According to Crime Suppression Division Deputy Commander who confirmed the arrest in a press conference today, September 15th, police arrested […]

Romance Scam: Nigerian man and his Thai wife arrested in ...