Edit Although, many relationships don’t last but we still have some couples today who fell in love with each other when they were still teenagers. The fact that many relationships hardly last doesn’t mean people aren’t capable of deep loving. These short relationships are mostly experienced by teens because their […]

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benefits of not being in a relationship
Relationship just like every other thing has its own advantages and disadvantages. In some relationships, only one of the partner may be benefiting while the other may not while in some other relationship, both partners may be benefiting. In this article, I’m going to focus only on the advantages of […]

8 Benefits Of Not Being In A Relationship

benefits of being in a relationship
Loving and being loved adds sweetness to our lives. Love Makes us feel secure, important, affectionate and understood. As humans, we have the ability to feel romantic love. All over the world, people develop these romantic feelings even in cultures where people are not allowed to express these feelings. Its […]

10 Benefits Of Being In A Relationship

body odour
Body odour is an unpleasant smell arising from the body. During puberty, you may notice that your body odour has changed for worse especially under your armpit, around the breasts and pubic areas. Body odour can lower our self-esteem and affect our relationship with the people around us. If you […]

How To Control Body Odour