*Study found eating lots of fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains was linked to lower rate of early death A healthy diet may help people with kidney disease live longer, researchers report. They analysed seven studies that included more than 15,000 people with chronic kidney disease, to assess the effects of […]

Healthy diet that can give kidney patients longer life

Consultant physician and pulmonologist at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Idi-Araba, Lagos State, Dr. Michele Dania, in this interview. What should the public know about asthma diseases? Asthma is a chronic lung disease usually, characterised by difficulty in breathing. In addition to this, there are other symptoms such as […]

How Asthmatic patients can live healthy always

Technology is moving ahead day by day, leaving us all trapped in luxuries and comfort with hidden bad effects on Health. Headphones and Earphones are one such technology that is being used by the youth of today without knowing the health issues associated. I know this is today’s trend to […]

The side of effect of using earpies or headphone

Many people have been thinking maybe she will give birth to triplet but i suggest the new born had duplex in her mother. She delivered a cute baby girl after 12 hours of labour. Congrats to her ! Source: Related posts: A woman delivered a baby with two heads […]

Woman Whose Massive Baby Bump Got People Talking Gives Birth ...